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Mildred and Clarisse in Fahrenheit 451

            Task (4): How are Mildred and Clarisse similar and different? How have each of these characters been influenced? After reading Fahrenheit 451, write an essay that compares Mildred and Clarisse and argue that one is a threat to stability of the ideals presented in Fahrenheit 451 and the other an ideal example of Fahrenheit character. Evidence from text. .
             In the science fiction novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury there are two female characters named Mildred and Clarisse, they are very different yet very similar and compare in many ways Mildred is influenced in her own ways and actions and clarisse i influenced in her own ways. Mildred and Clarisse are very big characters in Fahrenheit 451 and unravel the plot/setting of this novel.
             Mildred and Clarisse have similarities . One similarity they share is the interest that Montag had for them. They both at one point caught ontags eye. Mildred began to lose his interest after she forgets where and when they met, while Clarisse gets more and more attention because of the knew things she shows him in life. He married Mildred, but later became good friends with Clarisse. So both women at one point-interested him on some level. Another similarity is they both were unfortunate casualties of the society that they lived in. They both are females who live in the same rules, regulations, and government, but they both seem to not fear the government. They both enjoy being alone and having privacy "Let me alone" said Mildred "Let you alone! he almost cried out with laughter."We need not to be let alone we need to be upset and bothered anyways." Though these two have various similarities they have extreme differences.
             Mildred and Clarisse have a variety of differences . One of the things that makes them divergent from each other is their symbolization in the novel, Mildred was a symbol of their society's mindlessness, and Clarisse was a symbol for what their society is missing , the society of thinking, living, and being happy.

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