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Fahrenheit 451 - Mildred and Clarisse

            The society that we live in undeniably molds our personalities in various ways. In Fahrenheit 451, there are two women characters, Mildred and Clarisse, who seem to come from very distinct backgrounds with different personality traits. The purpose of this essay is to show the differences between Clarisse and Mildred in terms of their relationships with the protagonist, Montag , their social interactions and their ways of thinking Clarisse is a young romantic woman who gives importance to the nature and to human relations. She genuinely enjoys talking to Montag about nature and people's lives. An example of her enthusiasm about nature would be when she leaves original gifts for Montag which are made from leaves, chestnuts and flowers. Montag's wife Mildred,on the other hand, is a technology-addicted woman. Television plays a more significant role in her life than her own husband. Her addiction to TV causes her to be emotionless and her relationship with Montag is therefore very shallow.
             Although Clarisse likes to spend time outdoors and connect with her family and Montag, she is considered to be antisocial by people at her school just because she does not choose to participate in the school activities. On the contrary, she has a fun and outgoing personality. In the robot-like society described in the book, what is meant by social is different because people behave in a pre-learned way. Adversely, Mildred is the one who should be described as "antisocial ". She is a part of the system and she never asks questions. She is a woman model wanted by the society. At the end of the day, she takes her sleeping pills and forgets every problem, barely communicates with anyone.
             In addition to caring about nature and people, Clarisse has a curious personality. She constantly watches what's going around her and wonders about people's lives. She asks Montag questions about his job such as "How did you happen to think to take the job you have? " and "Are you happy? "which makes Montag question his job as a fireman and his own life.

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