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Reason to read fahrenheit 451

            I chose to read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This science fiction novel was written in1950-1953 and published on 1953, by Ballantine books. I chose to read this book because I never read a science fiction novel before. It was sort of like a challenge to me since it was a pretty big book and I"m surprised I actually managed to read it. I wanted to find out if the movie was different from the book too. Many people always say that the books are better than the movie and I found out it wasn't true in this case. Maybe it was just my opinion, since I"m lazy and I don't really don't like to picture things in a novel, when you can just watch the movie, where no imagination is needed.
             Fahrenheit 451 really didn't have a specific city, but you still know that it took place in the U.S sometime in the twenty-first century. Guy Montag was one of the major characters, who was named after a paper manufacturing company. He was also the protagonist in the novel. Montag was on a mission, which he was clumsy and misguided in doing. He's also very confused and frustrated in figuring out what he is going to do about Mildred, Beatty, or Faber. He was also really conceited during this novel. He tries to find out his personality, which comes out when he talks with Clarisse. You find out that he's really sensitive when they talk about his murder of Beatty, which was the climax of the story. Mildred Montag, another major character of the novel, Guy Montag's wife, had no hope in ending her conflicts within herself. She even tries to commit suicide and she doesn't even notice that she tried to kill herself. She thought that her life was based on watching television to avoid figuring out her own life. I thought that you would find out her personal life since she is the wife, but the author kept her mysterious. Mildred seemed like she had no emotions in the novel and she didn't even focus on her husband much, all she was attached to was the "family" of the soap opera she watches.

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