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Turning the Wheels of the World

            David Zeigler is currently building a floating bridge in Washington. He was using innovative technological advances with common materials to complete the bridge. Mr. Rumford respected engineer in his field his interview plays into a lot of the report. The job outlook only 6% increases but still many jobs because it has a wide variety. The ETHOS project and how it can help poverty-stricken countries. Brandon Gunn firsthand experiences his interview about it. How it ultimately changed him and gave him a different outlook on life. Computers and the new programs are helping with building many designs.
             The astonishing field of mechanical engineering affects virtually every aspect of modern day society and life. Mechanical engineering is essentially the designing, creating and problem solving of different prototypes from cell phones to airplane engines. The fascinating history of mechanical engineering started very early with both the Roman and the Chinese empires, that stills many influences in seeping into modern society. They realized how crucial engineering is to the success of constructing everything from warships, to aqueducts to mechanical clocks. There were also many other famous engineers who had a major impact on society. Robert Fulton and Cyrus McCormick led the way with multiple inventions that headlined the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was a period when machines started to take over as the predominant producers of merchandise like textile, farming and shipping. Yet, there are modern engineers who are having a major impact on society, like Dave Ziegler. Dave Ziegler is making headway in the process of constructing the world's largest floating bridge. This bridge will stretch 7500 feet over Lake Washington. Mechanical engineering is an astounding field that affects every feature of life while urbanizing the way that people have lived from the beginning of time to the present.

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