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Stabilty and Freedom in Brave New World

            The society of "Brave New World" promises infinite stability in exchange for individual freedom. This infinitely stable society is one where poverty, racism and violence no longer exists, however this society does not only require the sacrifice of freedom, but also boasts a new kind of slavery where humans and the social institutions are completely engineered. It supports a caste system which suggests nothing benevolent about this dictatorship which have genetically engineered those of the lower class to be completely submissive. Thus, in analyzing the society of "Brave New World" individuals losing their freedom is not good as it limits them and their abilities into becoming infantile individuals who cannot help but depend on the state, thriving its ideas of consumption. .
             The value of living in one such society as "Brave New World" a society free from the everyday troubles, is what most of us want to achieve on a daily basis. However that is quite unattainable currently, due to the large marginal gap between the poor and the rich. We strive to rid ourselves of societal problems such as Poverty, Racism and Violence because when one views a society such as the "Brave New World" wherein all these have been attained at the small price of exchanging one's consciousness and freedom and the right to exercise it, compared to our society, another where one is not marginalized and treated different (not in a good way) from the other person based on your skin color, having the same opportunity as your fellow citizen to succeed and a society where one does not lose a loved one to old age or because of senseless violence seems quite desirable. .
             The benefits the members of this society enjoys is unmatched anywhere else. Everything is properly regulated and in abundance, which means you won't ever run out of anything and won't want something you can't get. They are safe from discomfort, save from disease, safe from anxiety, safe from everything but death.

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