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Brave new world1

            By examining the surface, it would appear that Aldous Huxley's compelling novel Brave New World is a utopian society, enhancing aspects from the world today to create an ultimately problem-free existence. With further exploration, however, one would come to realize that this so-called flawless society is in fact a disaster, and in turn, a dystopia was created. Huxley strongly portrays a man's quest for domination of the brave new world, altering the authentic meaning of three very important words - freedom, individuality, and identity. Life by these words would appear to be well established, but underneath it is just a mere conception of confusion and chaos. The universal happiness that has supposedly been achieved has not, for this is not a good society. Freedom has ultimately been stripped of citizens in Huxley's society, due to extreme conditioning. The forced emotions and beliefs have also taken individuality away from them. The very fact that the interpretation of life is completely lost indicates how their identity is no longer. Huxley's warped interpretations exemplify how flawed the world would be through this satirical piece of literature. .
             Freedom has ultimately been stripped of citizens in Huxley's society, due to extreme conditioning. By definition, the term freedom is political independence, where one is liberated of things such as slavery, detention, or oppression. In Brave New World, however, a different portrait is painted. A dark one. Freedom is ultimately sacrificed for what leader Mustapha Mond calls satisfaction. Due to the intensive conditioning by subliminal messages and artificial stimuli, citizens in this world are forced to only love what they have, and reject what they do not. Virtually no one is able to go against what is normal in this harsh society, for they are psychologically brainwashed to think and act how everyone else does. The minds of these individuals are completely altered to accept the moral education, which the government provides for them.

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