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Propaganda Paper(References to Brave New World)

            People in the world are brain washed. In the "Brave New World" people were brained washed from a young age through sleep teaching. In today's world people are brainwashed by listening to messages and looking at visual aids. The world today and the world in the book "Brave New World" are ultimately the same because people are being taught to believe what someone else wants them to. Whether its through radio or television people are being brainwashed to think what they think, believe what they believe, and create opinions about what may be most appealing to them and what may not be the least appealing to them.
             In the book called" Brave New World" the people were brain washed using a method called hypnopaedia or in other words, sleep teaching. A tape recorder was put under the pillow of the children as they slept and repeated certain things to them over and over again so they would think and believe what the tape was saying. So throughout their life, they would automatically believe it without question. In today's world, people are being brain washed through television and radio. Constantly people are being told what to believe or what not to believe. An ad will come on television or on the radio every so often telling you what product to buy and what product not to buy. For example, the "Truth" commercials constantly tell the viewers or listeners that smoking is bad and kill thousands of people each year. Just like in the "Brave New World" the message is repeated over and over again to make us believe that what it says is true. In "Brave New World" the messages were put into a persons mind while sleeping and in today's world a person is conscious while hearing and seeing the messages. In the end they have the same affect.
             Whether we accept it or deny it, we are being brain washed. The only way that someone would try to avoid this is to become blind and deaf so they wouldn't have to hear or see the messages put out there by people to try and make you think or believe a certain thing.

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