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Utopia book report

             Utopia was written by Thomas more during a pertid of new ideas and political enlightmen called the rainissance.The book is based on a conversation that three men are having.Thomas Moore is one of the men taking part in the conversation, hes a very conservitive diplomat whom is very closed minded on ohter peoples baliefs.and views on politics.Peter Giles is the other man takinig part in the conversation, her has about the same intellect as Moore and hes is also one of Moores close associets.Raphael Hythloday is the third man taking part in the coversation he is jack of all trades; a philosopher and world traveler also a a trilingual speaker.Hythloday is mentioned have another conversation in the book with Cardinal John Morton whom is another close minded conservitive but he is only mentioned once in the book.
             More is a diplomat for king Henry VIII that had to travel to the town of Antwerp. At Antwerp he meets up with his long time companion Giles , he spends time with him for a few days.One day More sees Giles talking with a bearded man that apperas to him as a sailor.Giles introduces More to Hythloday whom is not a sailor but a world explorer and a philosepher.They start have a conversation about polotics and such but hythloday begins to mention about his many travels around the world.He mentions one place in particular called "Utopia".In the second part of the book Hythloday goes in dept in describing Utopia and he brags how Utopians are intelectally far more superior than Europeans.Utopia is a Island shaped like a cresant moon, the island is isolated form the rest of the world most of the time.All utopians are educated and they all learn a trade for future careers only some are allowed to continue study, most Eutopians study in their free time.The cities in Eutopia are sarounded by farmland twice a year each utopian citizen must do farmwork.Households are split into groups of 30 and every year each of these groups chooses an administrator, called a phylarch.

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