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Starbucks Strategic Proposal

            This paper has the purpose of presenting a three-year strategic management proposal for Starbuck's which includes: an economic assessment, a marketing assessment plan, a financial plan, organizational structure recommendation, supporting rationale, and financial statements and supporting documentation about the company. A SWOT analysis is a type of evaluation that is done for companies and it examines the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the specified company. (Marcus, 2011, p.108).
             We would need this SWOT analysis in order to create our three-year strategic management proposal. We know that this company is one of the world's largest buyers of quality coffee and it has stores available all over the world. If we refer to the strengths of the company, it can be said that Starbuck's enjoys powerful brand equity due to its quality products. The company prides itself by providing unique products that consumers are not able to find in other coffee stores. Another strength of Starbuck's is that its employees are satisfied with their jobs, fact that can be seen as the company is listed in Fortune's top 100 companies to work for. Also, the company attracts the best people to be their employees, fact that can be seen in the quality of their products.
             If we refer to weaknesses, it can be assessed that Starbuck's has low prices in supermarkets and also the fact that it only targets people over 35 years old. Also, when the company was founded, the owners were living with the thought that they are the only ones that know how to make excellent coffee. According to Datamonitor (2011), Starbucks has been involved in various legal proceedings, which taken overall offer a weak compliance function. Thus in 2004, two of the company's employees filled a suit against Starbucks motivating that the company came into contradiction with the requirements of Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA, while in October 2004 another employee filled a suit against the company claiming that Starbucks violated California's Labor Code when it allowed shift supervisors to receive tips.

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