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Education and Minority Students

            In the lives of most minority students, education is seen as essential; it's a dream that is still being interpreted. If we know nothing else, we know that education is important because it determines the future one is going to have, and in other to have this future certain obstacles needs to be overcome by minorities student with the help of the government and their institution of choice. Being a minority student myself, I can certainly understand and agree with some of the points listed in this article one which I recently spoke about with a friend.
             The article mentioned lack of community as one of the factors that influence the retention of minority students in institution and I am very inclined to agree. From personal experiences, I can agree that lack of community influences the academic success of students which in turn affects their retention rate. Throughout my community college days and up until last semester, there were only about one or two people of color or minority groups in each of my classes, this in a way affected both my social and academic life. Similarly, a friend of mine also felt the same way. She says that being the only African American in her class makes her feel alienated and in a way pressured to ˜stand out', that having more than one student of the same ethnic background makes her feel connected and it brings out the best in both her academic and personal life. I believe that if there were equal number of ˜minority groups' and majorities both students and professors accepted and employed in an institution, students in the former group would feel more connected, academically inclined to succeed which in turns leads to an increased retention rate amongst minority group. .
             Another reason while there is a low retention of minority group is financial need. Many students of the minority group want to be educated if given the opportunity financially.

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