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LeBron James and Kobe Bryant

            The National Basketball Association has been around now for sixty-eight years. This league produces a large number of basketball stars and fans every year. Throughout their respective careers, basketball fans have compared the achievement, athletic style and popularity of two of the most recognizable basketball players ever to play the game, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. If you were an owner in the NBA, who would be your first, pick to play on your team James or Kobe? This argument is a very heated topic throughout the basketball world. LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are two of the greatest to ever play however there different styles of play, accomplishments, and off court endorsements make them unique. .
             Bryant's game is distinctive because of his quick skilled footwork, basketball IQ, and shooting ability. However, James's style of play relies on him being a physical specimen, his versatility on the court, and having a high basketball IQ. Kobe Bryant plays the shooting guard position, can also play small forward and point guard. Bryant is known for making clutch shots when the game matters. He uses his hasty skilled footwork and shooting ability to fool his defenders. However, LeBron James plays the small forward position, but can additionally play point guard, shooting guard, and power forward. James is well known for doing everything on the court, whether it's rebounding, passing, or scoring. His physical attributes are a nightmare for his defenders. Bryant and James both have intelligent basketball IQs that make them impossible to defeat at times.
             Kobe Bryant's achievements inspire the other NBA players who play the game today. Bryant has been playing professional basketball for eighteen years now, unlike James who's remained in the league for eleven. Bryant is recognized for winning five NBA championships and breaking scoring records. Also, Bryant is the youngest ever to play in all-star game and win a dunk contest.

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