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Motivational Speech On Maurice Clarrett

            Motivational Speech- Opportunity to Succeed or Freedom to Fail .
             {Attention Getter}: Hi, my name is and I was going to give you a speech on how wrong it is to not give someone a chance to prove themselves but I have decided that all of you could never understand where I am coming from so I wont even bother. In addition I just wanted to say (point), you"re not ready to snowboard in Denver, (point) you don't have what it takes to run a big business, (point) and you and you aren't ready to play collegiate sports.
             B. {Appeal to audience}: Now who am I to say to you people you don't have what it takes to do what you love to do? And what if you did that thing incredibly well? Am I, or for that matter, anyone in a position to tell you "NO" you"re not ready?.
             That is what Maurice Clarett is going through these days. The NFL told him that he is not ready for the NFL and that he needs to be out of high school for 3 years to be eligible according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement despite all of Clarett's accomplishments in college.
             C. {Thesis}: The NFL should change the Collective Bargaining act and let skill determine if a player is qualified to be in the NFL regardless of age.
             D. {Credibility}: The fact that the NFL is not letting Clarett play because they don't believe he is ready is a reminder to me of all the times someone didn't let me prove myself and should trigger some kind of memory in all of you.
             E. {Preview of Main Points}: First I am going to talk about how the NFL is breaking the Federal Antitrust Act and how abolishing this sort of rule can benefit the NFL. Second I am going to challenge the opinion of the NFL that Maurice Clarett is not physically ready. And third I am going to explain why the NFL thinks that early eligibility is in the young players "best interest". .
             II. Body A. {Federal Antitrust act and the how other organizations benefit}.

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