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Intrinsic Motivation

             Examining the Importance of Task Orientation, Perceived Competence, and Motivational Climate On Intrinsic Motivation's Affect On Sport.
             Much research has been written on the influence of intrinsic motivation on sport (e.g. Ryska, 2003; Georgiadis et al, 2001; Ferrer-Caja and Weiss, 2000). One example of intrinsic motivation on sport can be seen from a regression analysis of studies, which examined several sport domain influences upon sportsmanship in young athletes. In this study, it recognized intrinsic motivation as an influential role in determining sportsmanship in young athletes. Furthermore, it states that individuals that were intrinsically motivated were more inclined to exhibit high levels of social character, be cooperative, get excited about learning new skills, and develop citizenship (Ryka, 2003). All of those elements mentioned illustrate the importance of determining the sources of intrinsic motivation, and the affect that it plays on sport.
             Due to the fact that intrinsic motivation is an important role in sport and is accompanied by positive outcomes, it is essential for physical education teachers, coaches and athletes to become aware of the different sources that enhance intrinsic motivation. Ferrer-Caja and Weiss proclaimed that "The strongest predictors of intrinsic motivation are task orientation, perceived competence, and motivational climate" (2000, p. 267). One way of defining task orientation as it relates to sport, is an individual's process of practicing and refining a specific skill in sport (Georgiadis et al, 2001). In a study done by Ferrer-Caja and Weiss, it found that task orientation contributed substantially to intrinsic motivation among female and male students in a physical education class, both directly and indirectly (2000). In addition to this, perceived competence " refers to one's beliefs about his or her ability to be successful in an achievement domain- (Ferrer-Caja, 2000, p.

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