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The Driving Force of Motivation

            World leaders, athletes, scientists, and university students all have one commonality; motivation. According to the web page dictionary.com, motivation is the act of providing a strong reason to act in a certain way or accomplish something. Whether we want to admit it, we are all motivated by different things; and have different goals we want to accomplish. Without motivation, our goals would not be accomplished and our dreams would remain simply dreams; the world would be a totally different place. The only way people can grow, learn and thrive in the world today is through motivation.
             Motivation makes the world go 'round and without it, the world would remain at a standstill. Motivation is what drives our every move which includes fulfilling our desires and wants along with having the necessities. It means to have incentive or being driven to advance and grow. Being taught throughout our lives that just passing in school and flying under the radar eventually leads people to not have the drive to be motivated. To become motivated, people must see benefits or personal rewards or there would be no reason to better themselves. People who are more willing or motivated will always prevail and succeed over people who could care less. .
             Rewards are what drive people to be motivated, without them no one would feel the need to do anything. Whether it be a raise or a job promotion, or getting fit again people have different sources of motivation that is some kind of reward to them. Students who are motivated in school will be able to reap the benefits of having a better than mediocre job and lifestyle. Whatever it may be, all people have all different levels of motivation depending on the task. Achievement motivation theorists direct their research on individuals who desire to obtain competence or may seek to avoid incompetence. "The desire for success and the desire to avoid failure were identified as critical determinants of aspiration and behavior by a theorist named Lewin.

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