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The Motivation Behind Wuthering Heights

            Emily Bronte writes a story of polar opposites in her tale Wuthering Heights. The Heights" destructiveness versus the Grange's solidarity, the Earnshaw's violent natures versus the Linton's harmonious temperament, but most importantly Heathcliff's conflicting motivations of love and hate portray contrary features. The author's belief that harmony between unharmonious elements makes for the best outcome comes to light in each of these areas. Her antagonist Heathcliff both loves and hates passionately. His hate, however, of the other characters in the novel is what brings meaning to his life. His thirsty anger towards Hindley, Edgar, and Catherine pose as the driving force in the novel for Heathcliff to continue on living.
             Heathcliff and Hindley are at odds from an early age when Heathcliff is first taken into the Earnshaw manor. Mr. Earnshaw shows clear favoritism towards Heathcliff, which angers Hindley. After Mr. Earnshaw's death and Hindley's return to the Heights, he immediately begins exacting revenge upon young Heathcliff. This in turn flares up a put of anger inside Heathcliff. Hindley enjoys embarrassing young Heathcliff. When Catherine returns to the Heights for Christmas, Hindley proclaims, "Heathcliff, you may come forward. You may come and wish Miss Catherine welcome, like all the other servants." Heathcliff clearly hates Hindley for completely reversing his role in the house from guest to servant. When Heathcliff comes into money later in life he takes full pleasure in paying Hindley back for such embarrassment. Hindley's gambling debts put him in perfect position for Heathcliff to use his hatred to seek revenge when he takes up Hindley's debts, securing himself as the heir of Wuthering Heights. Hindley is just Heathcliff's first target for revenge.
             Edgar Linton procures a hatred from Heathcliff in courting Catherine Earnshaw. When Edgar Linton begins to woo her, Catherine readily accepts his love although she knows she truly loves Heathcliff.

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