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Desire in Wuthering Heights

            While the statement "the root of all evil is desire- is a factual truth in many situations "the sins of greed, lust and pride come to mind "desire can also be the driving force behind love, loyalty or success. When looking at the repercussions of desire in Bronte's Wuthering Heights, the outcome is almost entirely a negative one. But if taken in perspective and out of the context of Wuthering Heights, desire can be seen to change lives for the better; rather than the root of evil it becomes the cause of good.
             Desire can be a force of good "it can win hearts and change destiny for the better. Desire is the motivation to elevate a man above his humble beginnings, or to prevail in ventures of love. Desire, while sometimes leading vengeance or hatred, can be a powerful emotion that conquers all odds and changes fate. But when looked at in Wuthering Heights, desire is the cause of evil and vengeance, and specifically Heathcliff's fall from grace and transformation into a vengeful, heartless man.
             Catherine's intense desire for Heathcliff, and his in return, is a static concept that remains throughout the book. In their case, desire did result in evil. Through the course of events that take place Heathcliff is subjected to Catherine's desire, and also the different desires of the people that fill his life and connect him to Catherine. Heathcliff is continually plotting his revenge for the poor treatment he has received from these characters due to their desires conflicting with his: the envious and brutal Hindley, who hates him from the moment he arrives at Wuthering Heights; the brooding and weak-willed Linton, who he holds responsible for stealing Catherine away; the ambitious and fiercely passionate Catherine, who Heathcliff initially believes has lost her love for him; and the infatuated, foolish Isabella Linton, whose innocence was destroyed by Heathcliff's rejection of her love.

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