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Comparing The Bronte Sisters

            When looking at important literary novels in history, it is impossible to ignore the Bronte sisters. The fact that the whole family was composed of extremely talented writers, combined with the impact their novels have to this day, makes them unique and interesting. The writing styles of Emily and Charlotte Bronte were both vastly different and at the same time surprisingly similar. Charlotte's Jane Eyre received immediate success upon its publication bringing her notoriety and acclaim. Emily, however, was not as blessed with rave reviews as her sister and did not receive any of the praise. The achievements of her novel were not fully realized until she had passed away, leaving her to never know that her book would be one of the most classical in all of literature. .
             The sisters wrote completely different tales but similarities can be found in the writing as well. Character development and attitudes towards institutions in the novels had commonalties among the authors. There are contrasting styles to their writing as well, Charlotte's Jane Eyre is more romantic in tone while Emily was ahead of her time writing a novel that contradicted many of the conventional novels of the period. One interesting fact in the novels is that the sisters created characters that were both strikingly similar and vastly different from the others.
             To compare the characterization of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, one must also contrast it at the same time. While both the sisters created characters with similar countenances they also created characters with large differences. Similarities can be seen in the Reed family of Jane Eyre and Hindley in Wuthering Heights. Jane is viewed by the Reed's as an outsider, someone that has no values, and is dispensable. They regret the fact that they have to raise her, and feel that the burden is too much and the reward too little. The family treats Jane terribly.

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