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The Importance of Family in Jane Eyre

            The Victorian era is characterized as a time of social and economic growth. A unique middle class was formed alongside the traditional working class and wealthy aristocracy. Nevertheless, certain individuals became outsiders. Hence, orphan and abandoned children became a concern for society because they were homeless having no past and family relations. Moreover, orphans were regarded as a burden for the society and seen as dangerous threats. Orphans were maltreated and they were thought to be distrust because of their bad reputation in the Victorian society. .
             Women were seen as slaves and their job was to provide their husbands with clean home, food and raise their children. Women had very strict choices at that time. They would lose all their property and money they made once they were married. In spite of this, many women endured their husbands control and cruelty because they had no right to get divorced and their divorce was regarded as a social taboo (Lisa, 2000, pp. 131-156). Moreover, Women were not allowed to express themselves and claim their own identity, independence and sense of belonging, such as the protagonist in Jane Eyre, who struggles to find a family and home. That is why, Bronte explores substitute nature of home for the orphan figure, who is excluded from family and society, because being an orphan in Victorian without family was miserable, such as Jane's status as an orphan child in her aunt's family and in the society. That is why, this essay is dedicated to highlight the importance of family through Jane's quest to find a substitute family and a sense of belonging in her journey for independence.
             Bronte focuses on the home, exploring the inherent need to establish a suitable home. In this sense, the home is the place where identity is formed and a sense of belonging is found. This is seen in Jane's quest for family and shelter in a society of self-less women and orphaned condition.

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