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Jane Eyre and the Postmodern Era

            "If she were a nice, pretty child, one might compassionate her forlornness; but one really cannot care for such a little toad as that." (Bronte, 2010) This quote was directly taken from a novel by Charlotte Bronte entitled Jane Eyre. The terms 'Plain Jane' might be familiar and relevant to be related to the quotation before. As 'a plain Jane' can be related to a woman or a girl who is unattractive which also portrayed the main character of this novel, Jane Eyre. So, this paper will aim to discuss the important issues that have been portrayed by Charlotte Bronte. The next objective is to relate the important issues with the world nowadays. Lastly, to raise awareness about some of the situations that are closely related to the present age and to improve the people understanding of the issues that have been mentioned in the novel. Among the question that will be raised is "Are these issues still relevant in today's world?", "Is it important for everyone to know it?" and many other question. All these questions will be answered through the discussion in this paper. There are several significant issues that can be identified through this novel that relates to social status, gender relation, and education. This paper will compare all these important issues which came from the Victorian era with the late 20th Century and 21st Century. The Victorian era is the time when England makes a drastic movement which brought them to the highest level of development and became the most powerful and influential country in that era. As for the late 20th and early 21st Century is known as a Postmodernism era, the time of the changes taking place and it refers to the growth of knowledge in all fields, including philosophy, literature and more.
             Firstly, this paper will use one of the initial analysis of the approach of a text that is highlighted by Rob Pope. It is among the core question of this novel which is "What, Basically, is it about?" And "Where and when is the text located in place and time?" (Pope, 2012).

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