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Feminism in Jane Eyre

            Charlotte Bronts Jane Eyre stands as one of the most prominent literature works about feminism. The author, by using her personal experience and literary talent, discusses the life, dreams and ideals of women in the Victorian Era. Suppressed by masculine power and social conceptions, the eldest of the Bront sisters hoped that Jane Eyres independence and happiness are ultimate goals which every woman could achieve. In this famous masterwork of her own, Bront speaks against the injustice that women had to suffer and proposes a way out for her protagonist, as well as the rest of the female sex. .
             Throughout Jane Eyre, the protagonist is saddled with a tenacious pessimism concerning her prospects for happiness, which she only overcomes in the very last pages of the book. From the very beginning, Jane is seen to be treated under harsh conditions at the Reeds household. The continuous assaults, both verbally and physically, from Aunt Reeds and her children have made Jane believe that she is not born to be happy. Through time, Jane grows up with that thought implanted in her head. She suffers her time at Lowood at then enters Thornfield Hall with a mindset that she does not deserve to be happy. It is when she acknowledges her feelings for Mr. Rochester that she comes to realize the truth that someone in her position could never be with him. I saw he was going to marry her [(Blanche Ingram)], for family, perhaps political reasons; because her rank and connexions suited him; I felt he had not given her his love, () this was where the fever was sustained and fed : she could not charm him (Bront 174). Although Jane realizes her love for Rochester and acknowledges the true nature of his relationships with other people, especially Blanche Ingram, she is unable to fight for her love. Jane, who just got out of a charity school, has always viewed herself as a miserable young woman without any relatives or possessions.

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