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Jane Eyre

            In what way might Jane Eyre be considered a feminist novel? What points does the novel make about the treatment and position of women in Victorian society? With particular attention to the book's treatment of marriage, is there any way in which it might be considered anti-feminist?.
             Jane Eyre is a Feminist Novel.
             In the novel Jane Eyre, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the tone of Jane Eyre is in fact a feminist novel. With strength and integrity, Jane is able to break free from the role that the rest of the society has put her in. But is it likely that such event ever took place? Could this really be accepted in a Victorian society? .
             The power and integrity that Jane manages to obtain throughout the novel, was very unusual at this time period. Women's were to clean, cook, take care of the kids, and satisfy her husband in various ways. A woman like Jane was to be put back in her place; were she belonged. The book reflects the unfairness in the Victorian society, but also how the women always have been discriminated throughout history, and even today. .
             When it comes to marriage, Jane is absolutely clear; she is unwilling to accept love without marriage, and the other way around. They can't be separated. This was quite rare at a time, were arranged marriages were the most common thing, and were love was not the main part of it. Money and honour were more important than love. .
             Another remark that can be made about marriage is that when Jane finally marries Rochester, she announces it with pride as "I married him", and not "he married me". This is another example of her own independence.
             It is hard to say that this book is anti-feminist, unless you believe that the author is being sarcastic. Jane is full of life, and no one can change the fact that she has her own will. Instead, you might consider this book to be propaganda for a women upraise against a society that is ruled by men, created by men, and is based upon male ideas.

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