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Commencement Speech - Failure is Success

            The saying that "Failure is not an option" teaches us that we should always and only strive to be successful in all we do. The pressure put onto us by our parents, peers, society, and even ourselves push us to the extremes to be the best we can be. The idea of perfection is part of the human implement to compete in the world of titles. The hunger to hold prestige in our hands blinds us from seeing true achievement. Success does not come without failures. You cannot succeed without battling the obstacles and challenges thrown at your way. As we hold hands and skip down the road of success off into the blazing sunset of our high school career, we encountered many struggles that shaped us to be who we are today. .
             None of us made it this far without falling a couple hundred times, then picking ourselves back up to continue embarking on our journey to success. Achieving success without going through challenges is like walking through a fire without burning yourself, impossible. Each challenge burns a change on us to mold us and lead us to the success we so desire. The ingredients in this sweet taste of success consist of the sweat, tears, time, and effort we put in. Generally, to fail means that you have not succeeded in achieving your goals; however, it means the total opposite. Through the many times we trip and fall in this journey, we realize what our strengths and weaknesses are, learn from our mistakes, and gain the ambition to take the next step. When we fall back one step and we learn from it, it takes us forward five steps. No failure is useless or harmful to us. Each one teaches us valuable lessons that will create a solid ground that leads us the gates of achievement. We should not let these challenges intimidate us or hinder us from reaching for what we want. .
             Through our experiences, we know that achievement is not handed to us on a silver platter nor is it easy as a piece of cake.

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