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Common Household Minerals

             We all know that minerals are very important in our everyday lives. They are preset in lots of objects in our houses. But what are they? Minerals are solid substance that is naturally occurring and there are over 4,900 known mineral species, but the ones we all have around the house are mostly industrial minerals. Industrial minerals are sometimes used in their natural states, or they first get beneficiated. The ones that you use everyday in your house are for example limestone; used in sugar, halite; used in table salt and dish soap, sodium carbonate; used in toothpaste and dish soap, calcite, kaolinite, hematite are also some of the minerals that we use every day through cosmetics, etc. .
             Limestone .
             Limestone is a sedimentary rock and it makes 10% of the total volume of all sedimentary rocks. Except for its usage in industry, it is also used in some foods such as flower. Limestone is added to flour to enrich the calcium level. Adding calcium helps to deter bone diseases. Another product that has limestone in it and that is used everyday at my home is sugar. Limestone is added to sugar to help filter out natural impurities. And I have to mention that it is also used in salt, but just to make it easier to pour. Limestome is also very useful in making many dishes and other ceramics. It is used to add stability, because it makes the dishes stronger and firmer. .
             ´┐╝Halite is found in sedimentary rocks and it is called rock salt in its natural form. It forms in arid climates where ocean water evaporates. However, many inland lakes, or ubterranean waters (like in Tuzla) may be the locations where halite is forming. Halite really helps when it comes to ice and snow. It is used during the winter to control the accumulation of ice and snow. ´┐╝.
             Now, like in every other household, in my household salt is most important seasoning for many meals.

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