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Case Study - Early Childhood Development

             Child development is a unique and complex process. In this paper we will be looking at the Physical development, Cognitive development, and Social Emotional Development of Anaya, a 2 year old subject, whom I chose for this study. This will be done by comparing it to the widely held expectations for what an average child might achieve within a given age range. We will also be looking at the major milestones and challenges attained by Anaya and how it related to her development. .
             Early Childhood: Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development. .
             Development of Anaya.
             My baby cousin Anaya is a 2-year-old female, which I chose as a subject to study for early childhood. She lives with her parents, grandparents and his newborn, 2-month-old brother. She is born in an Indian – American culture, where two languages are spoken, Gujarati and English. Both of her parents work until 7 pm, she stays with grandparents and, her baby sitter. Anaya's day consist of staying home with her baby sitter and her grandmother while her parents are working. Anaya doesn't associate with other children everyday because she lives in Manhattan. She does however; go out to the playground when her parents go for a walk. Anaya loves to play with her toys and loves to spend time with her mother while she is reading or praying. She often starts to repeat the stuff she understands.  She loves to repeat an action such as praying positions while her grandfather prays. Anaya doesn't like it when her mother yells at her, but she knows that she shouldn't be doing something bad. She often enjoys playing games on her mother's Ipad and when she doesn't get to play she is grumpy or cries. She is often very demanding and she will be angry if you are not doing what she wants you to do. In this case study I will be studying Anaya's challenges, such as Physical Development, also her cognitive, social, and emotional development of her early childhood.

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