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Alcohol, Tobacco and Prenatal Development

            To have the chance to be pregnancy is a tremendous time in the expected mother's life. It is very critical for them to have as much of a healthy pregnancy as possible. It is imperative for the mother to avoid anything that could cause harm towards them or the baby. Staying clear of chemicals, toxins, alcohol, smoking, and among other things is essential. Becoming aware of what goes into the mother's body before and during, the pregnancy will have a direct link to the prenatal development of the baby. .
             Tobacco and alcohol are among the many threatening factors for pregnant women. Tobacco exposure around the pregnancy can raise the chances of having a miscarriage or premature labor, but the foremost danger is a delay in fetal growth. The vast amount of chemicals in cigarettes is devastating to unborn babies, increases the levels of carbon monoxide in the mother's bloodstream and decreases how much oxygen the baby receives. The oxygen is sent less effectively to the baby due to the blood vessels being tightened by the nicotine. It can cause damage to the baby's central nervous system and slow the body growth. Women smoking daily hinders the fetus by diminishes the woman's appetite during the time they should be gaining weight, and it may decrease the speed of how the fetus grows. Nicotine also causes the baby's heart rate to increase, lessens the placental visualization, and thickens the endothelium of placental blood vessels. It also hampers the ability of the placenta to feed the baby the nutrients it needs. .
             Smoking while pregnant or in some way being exposed to it has been a health problem for quite some time and can be connect to later unfavorable results. The health of the child is at risk. Infants that were exposed to tobacco showed signs of poorer attention skills after birth. The effects of tobacco exposure towards unborn children are becoming more common and are more widespread than the prenatal use of alcohol or illicit drugs (Espy, K.

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