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Psyche and soma -the relations

             Topic: Psyche and soma - From harmony to discord.
             Psyche and soma- from harmony to discord "the captivating enigma that asks how subjective mental states are connected to our objective physical biology and the effect of balance or imbalance between them on an individual.
             There is little if any justification for regarding mind and body as separate entities, they function as a unit in health and disease. Although a disorder may be primarily physical or primarily psychological, it is always a disorder of the whole- not just of the body or psyche.
             Research has shown that mental and emotional processes are implicated both in good health and in most physical disease. The boundaries of this field are virtually limitless. As Ader and cohen [1984] have put it "As a result of research in psychosomatic and behavioral medicine, it has become clear that there is probably no major organ system or [physical] homeostatic defense mechanism that is not subject to the influence of interaction between psychological and physiological events-.
             A patient who believes a treatment in going to be effective has a much better chance of showing improvement than does one who in neutral or pessimistic- even when the treatment in subsequently shown to have no direct or relevant physiological effects. This reaction has become known as the placebo effect.
             It was quoted by Daphne Howland of Bewell.com saying that "Belief is one of the most powerful healing tools we have in our therapeutic arsenal."".
             Thus the fundamental intimacy of the mind and body is perhaps nowhere better documented than in health and disease.
             This essay shall outline the psychosocial influence on biological health and disease in general, specifying, where possible, mechanisms involved.
             The medical profession's survival and prosperity from ancient times is to a large extent a demonstration of the power of "faith- in healing.
             Comprehensive approach to the study of human psychology normal or abnormal must have different perspectives in an effort to better explain the complex phenomena.

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