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brave new world vs. soviety

             The views and events displayed in A Brave New World would never be accepted into society today. Views such as; genetic cloning, the caste system, and the legal use of drugs such as some, would never be allowed into every day modern living. Not only are people properly adapted to the current lives they live but they are also not going to take unnecessary risks. People now value their lives much more than they used to simply because they have so much more to live for. There are opportunities available for anyone who wants to be successful in life and not many people would be willing to risk that.
             Genetic cloning is one of the main reasons why the views in A Brave New World could never be possible in society. Scientists have been studying the human genome for years and looking for a way to possibly clone a human instead of just animals such as sheep and mice. However this has not been figured out yet and .
             P. Gately 2.
             until then, cloning will be rejected by society due to the unnecessary risks. "Genetic cloning is one of the most controversial topics in modern day society." ( cloning). This is said because of the long arduous process and the numerous side effects .
             that can occur, during the process of genetic cloning. People just simply reject the idea just because of the horror stories they have heard about genetic cloning gone wrong. Some of these stories include " body parts being grown in all of the wrong places, extra limbs attached to random parts of the body, brains and vital organs being developed incorrectly, death, eyes not functioning properly causing blindness, and ears being formed incorrectly causing slight or total loss of hearing." (human ) Simply the thought of this happening to an animal, let alone a human, makes even the strong at heart cringe at the thought. No matter who it is, there is no reason why anyone should ever be put through this process knowing the dangers and complications that come along with it.

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