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Brave New World

            "O brave new world that has such people in it." John said these words as he entered the helicopter that would take him out of the Savage Reservation. John repeats this quote many times throughout the novel. In this first instance John says this almost jokingly and light-hearted, eager to see and experience the brave new world. Later the tone in which he says the quote drastically changes. John was born in the Savage Reservation, in New Mexico, to Linda, who had lived in the New World and was abandoned in the reservation. We first meet John in the seventh chapter of Brave New World. He is described as a young boy, dressed in Indian attire, with "straw-colored" hair, pale blue eyes, and light-colored skin. The total opposite appearance of a normal savage. John's life on the reservation was one of misery. He was not accepted by the other savages and was very confused by the actions of his mother. During his stay at the reservation John was isolated and desired for something better. John finally received this chance when Bernard Marx offered to take he and his mother back to London. John may have thought he was entering a better society, but in realism he was about to experience something far from a utopia.
             Fed on Shakespeare's plays, Linda's description of the brave new world, and his own active imagination, John entered the brave new world with high hopes. When he arrives his dreams are shattered and he is sadly disappointed. He finds that the New World is far from "brave" and "beautiful," as his mother had once told him. He is confused and shocked how the citizens of the New World live their soma-induced, conformist, sexual, emotionless lives. He experienced horror when he became almost a freak show to the Alpha and Betas: who admired him in great curiosity. For the second time in the novel we see John feeling isolated from society. After living the New World, John again says, "O brave new world.

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