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Prohibition in Turn of the Screw

            One of the most difficult and challenging aspects about "The Turn of the Screw"" is how frequently the characters in the novel present fragments of hidden secrets of the overall story. Indirect hints and information with the use of vague language, how the characters communicate with one another, and symbolism are manifest. The first fact to point out is the journal that the Governess keeps that allows her to present events in a way that will persuade her readers she is both sane telling the truth. The journey is interrupted, which impedes our ability to determine whether the events are or are not "real. " Her journal stops short of a definite conclusion. These interruptions suggest the story remains unresolved, where we are forbidden to know the whole truth. Because this story is set in the time of the Victorian Era, the society dictated harsh restrains on sexuality, especially female sexuality. Women were forced to repress their instincts in order to be "lady-like. " This contributes to the governess' affection for her handsome employer, whom she is prohibited to engage with completely because of sexual reasons, as well as the Victorian social hierarchy. When we take into consideration the characteristics of gothic literature, one of its key ingredients is its atmosphere of suspense. The country home the characters reside in at Bly is known to be massive, old and spooky. The story does not take place anywhere else, with exception to church on Sundays. It also seems that the characters are prohibited from leaving the house until of course, Flora has left town because she had fallen ill later on. The constant hints and veiled language of the story help to give the Turn of the Screw an ominous feeling. In terms of symbolic references, there are various amounts displayed in this novella that hint out hidden secrets in the story. .
             During the governess' first night at Bly, she begins to experience signs of trouble.

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