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Anna Karenina - Sympathy and Apathy

            After reading Leo Tolstoy's, Anna Karenina, most people can agree that some of the major actions that decided the fate of some character's lives and most importantly the novel were considered fallacious. Even in the novel, society deemed some of them as being evil/immoral but of all the characters to perform these deceiving and beguiling actions, I've decided to analyze the actions of the protagonist, Anna Karenina. Anna's overall life throughout the novel was full of pleasure and deceitfulness and we see how she suffered immensely because of her mistakes. Yet as readers of the novel, with the information we know about the situation that Anna is in, should we sympathize for Anna because of the wretched life she had to live or do we simply let it go and acknowledge her situation as a "you get what you deserve" kind of situation? I firmly believe that if we take a look at Anna's character throughout the whole novel we can compile some reasons as to why we should sympathize for her rather than disregard her completely.
             As we evaluate Tolstoy's full presentation of Anna in the novel, we become more cognizant of her blemishes. Her most prevalent flaw was her failure to learn from her mistakes. Anna continually made mistakes, and instead of learning from them and correcting them she simply brushed them aside. In contrast to the other characters in the novel, Anna is one of two characters who suffered from this "syndrome" which is why she never accomplished her goal of finding true love. In presenting Anna as a character who doesn't learn from her mistakes, Tolstoy is also indirectly portraying her as a child who can't grow up. Like a child who continually has an excuse for everything, Anna always had an excuse or sometimes just simply refrained from understanding what was trying to be said. Tolstoy exhibits these qualities in Anna to his readers at Princess Betsy's Tea Party in Part II, Ch.

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