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Anna Karenina

            Leo Tolstoy's novel, Anna Karenina, upon its release received a .
             mix critical reception, with Russian critics either condemning.
             or applauding the novel primarily on its views of Russian society. .
             Thematically, the novel parallels its heroine's, Anna Karenina,.
             moral and social conflicts with Constantin Levin's internal struggle .
             to find the meaning of life. There are many others underlying themes .
             which links the novel as a whole, yet many critics at the time only .
             looked upon its critical view of Russian life. Henry James called .
             Tolstoy's novels as "loose and baggy monsters' of stylessness, but .
             Tolstoy stated of Anna Karenina ".I am very proud of its .
             architecture--its vaults are joined so that one cannot even notice .
             where the keystone is." That is absolutely correct, because within .
             Anna Karenina, there exists many themes that are all linked together .
             to create such a wonderful piece of work. Critics tend to miss the .
             role that the theme of life and death plays in Tolstoy's Anna .
             Karenina. Despite its apparent meanings, these two themes are .
             intertwined in the novel and provides a backbone for some of the other .
             existing themes. With a masterful touch, Tolstoy is able to use these .
             two themes to show the characters in their true forms at both stages. .
             The characters are shown to be living in a state of delusion, and as .
             the characters find themselves at times of near death situations or on .
             their deathbed, they are able to reveal themselves truthfully. .
             Many of the characters in the novel are able to show their "real .
             self" and at times of death, there is a point of reversal in the.
             characters. This is most evident in the scene of Anna's near death .
             experience during her illness. This event brings about a change in .
             Karenin and even Vronsky as they trade positions. Karenin suddenly .
             becomes human and not hidden from life by his administrative .
             regulations. His carapace cracks, and he becomes drunk with sympathy, .

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