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The Relationship of MacBeth and Lady MacBeth

            A play that explores a relationship between two members of a family is "MacBeth,"" by William Shakespeare. The relationship between Lady MacBeth and her husband MacBeth changes the events that take place throughout the play and a couple that were once partners in greatness are left guilt ridden and isolated due to there unwise decisions.
             At the start of the play the relationship between MacBeth and his wife make them seem inseparable. When we first see Lady MacBeth she is reading a letter from her husband, not only is sending the letter itself affectionate and loving, he even calls her "My dearest partner in greatness " through this we see that they seem deeply in love and we sense a warm equality between the two. When they eventually meet face to face MacBeth calls her "My dearest love " which proves the statement made in the letter was not just written then forgotten but in fact something he really feels for her. However when the two face there first problem in the play, their relationship is really put to the test.
             When it is decided that they are going to have to murder the King in order for MacBeth to take the thrown it seems to us that they have common goals. This is where we see a slight competition from the once equal pair. Lady MacBeth tries her hardest to seem cold and heartless whilst at the same time persuades her husband to actually commit the murder of Duncan, when MacBeth replies with "We will proceed no further in this business " Lady MacBeth gets increasingly annoyed and results to insulting his manliness and calling him a coward before showing a truly monstrous side to herself when telling MacBeth what she would be capable of doing to her own child "Have pluck'd my nipple from his boneless gums, And dash'd the brains out " MacBeth is impressed and persuaded by this final statement and we realize that Lady MacBeth is the extremely manipulative person in this relationship and she does it so well that MacBeth does not even notice.

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