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Why I Am Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell

            The essay "Why I Am Not a Christian," was originally delivered by Bertrand Russell on March 6, 1927. Russell presented the lecture at Battersea Hall to the south London Branch of National Secular Society, England. The lecture then came in form of essay and was a popular touch point for Atheist community writer and thinker. Bertrand Russell is not only a renowned philosopher but perhaps he is best known for his political activism and dissension with the British Government. Considered a pioneer in the field of philosophy, Bertrand Russell was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950 for his numerous writings. Apart from his academic circle he also gained a lot of popularity by taking part in many broadcasts of BBC and as an author of magazine and articles. Being a brilliant writer, he knows how to persuade others in such a way that they agree with him and he uses this trait in an effective manner for writing books and essays. In the essay Why I am not a Christian Bertrand Russell has emphasized upon the fallacies in believing in Christianity. The gist of the essay is that Bertrand Russell argues in the favor that people believe in God and religion out of emotion rather than a reason. The pre-eminent emotion that Russell makes accountable for this belief is fear. In this He encourages the readers to manifest themselves as free thinker and to have a reason for everything to believe in rather than to believe just because of emotion and fear. Although he profoundly phrase his essay, but he fails to explain the argument with strong evidence and instead he used his merely based assumptions to support his cause which makes the essay ineffective.
             Russell begins his essay by mentioning what he means by a Christian. According to him, there must be two standards in order to be a Christian. First, a person must believe in god and in immorality. He clearly mentions the fundamental belief of being a Christian without leaving a slightest doubt of disagreeing with.

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