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Argument for the Existence of God

             One of the topics discussed in class earlier in the semester that really stuck out to me was the existence of God. I feel as though, this topic in general, the topic of whether God does or does not exist, is not black and white (as in concrete), but instead contains a lot of "gray area." By that I mean people are very opinionated to this subject due to the simple fact that there are different beliefs, and no one belief can be considered right or wrong because there is some level of faith involved. According to dictionary.com, faith is defined as "confidence or trust in a person or thing, belief that is not based on proof, and belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion." Now most people have heard of 'monotheists', which are those who believe in one god such as Christians, Muslims, and Jews, as well as atheists, who are those who lack belief in gods. But there are also people who believe in many gods, such as Hindus and Wiccans, called polytheists, and even others who attribute a god to almost everything in nature called pantheists. The point I am trying to make is that, each of these beliefs requires some sort faith and therefore, this topic can lead to biased debates and discussions. That being said, while faith does play a factor in an argument on whether a single or multiple gods do or do not exist, I personally believe there is also evidence in the world as we now know it, whether it is history, science or even personal experience that can support a single belief. Thus, I would like to argue a monotheistic view in which there is a God who does in fact exist.
             Part II.
             In the early 17th century Puritans came to America in what was called the Great Migration to seek religious freedom from England and establish their own kind. Through the years, and what can now be seen in our pledge of allegiance, as well as our currency, the phrases "one nation, under God" as well as "In God We Trust," respectively are examples that our nation was founded on some sort of belief in God.

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