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The Cosmological Argument for the existence of God.

            The cosmological argument for the existence of God.
             The arguments for and against the existence of god, is a very controversial issue and always has been. There are many different ways of viewing the idea of God and the cosmological argument is one that was adopted by the likes of the 13th century philosopher, Thomas Aquinas.
             The first thing to note about the cosmological argument is that it is A Posteriori. This means that the argument is based on experience and it is what we see in the world and universe from which a conclusion is derived from.
             The cosmological argument is also known as the first cause argument because it is based on the idea that there is a first cause behind everything including the universe. Contingency is another important basis for this argument. Contingency is something, which may or may not happen. An event or condition depends on something else, which too may not happen. It's the idea that everything is dependent on something else which without it, something would have not come into existence or happened. Things exist around us but they could have just as easily not existed.
             The cosmological argument strongly bases itself on the idea of contingency and states that things came into existence due to something causing them to happen. There is a chain of causes, which lead back to the beginning of time. The first cause would have brought the universe into existence and would have to have a necessary existence therefore, the first cause is god for it is god who brought the universe into existence and god has a necessary existence.
             Thomas Aquinas was famous for his 5 ways to prove the existence of god using the cosmological argument.
             ◘ Motion / Change - cosmological.
             ◘ Cause - cosmological.
             ◘ Contingency - cosmological.
             ◘ Degree of Excellence.
             ◘ Harmony.
             Three of the five ways are cosmological. .
             Motion / Change is everywhere in the universe, things are constantly changing.

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