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The Final Proof

             As man has evolved and progressed in reason there has been one question that has persisted throughout eons of time, "Does God Exist?" With this persisting question of the existence of a divine being many theories and philosophies have come and gone through the layman and intellect groups of thought. Of those philosophies, there are three that are commonly drawn on today. These theories of thoughts are, the Cosmological, the Teleological, and the Ontological argument. Of those three arguments the Cosmology theory seems to take the better of the other two arguments to give it the strongest line of reasoning and understanding.
             To begin this review on the thoughts of theism we must understand that the process of proving God is not the same as establishing the color of a flower or that an individual has ten fingers and toes. This style of scientific proof takes into account the five senses, which on a basic understanding offers little to dispute. Rather to prove the existence of God we must look to a courtroom setting. In a court of law one can establish a prima facie case. This is to show that when adequate evidence is available to establish the presumption of a fact that, unless such fact can be refuted, legally stands proven. .
             Establishing this criterion helps us become an effective judge as we view the Teleology and other theories of God's existence. The Teleology argument holds us to believe that God's existence can be explained by simple human analogy. William Paley who offers the parallel of a clock to the universe is likely the most common argument for Teleology. He shares that clocks, looms, and natural structures such as the eye have a complex arrangement of parts to serve a purpose. Clocks, looms, etc. have an intelligent designer. Therefore, natural structures such as the eye or universe have an intelligent designer. Looking at it in argument form we see that:.
             1) So far as we are able to determine, every highly complex object with intricate moving parts is a product of intelligent design.

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