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Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas

             Thomas Aquinas," Aquinas poses multiple questions that relate to the topic of God. Aquinas's main focus throughout the article was either proving the existence of God. He wanted to prove the existence of God by providing multiple questions with through explanation that support the existence of God. In his second question, he contemplates the existence of God in everyday life while using three articles to help support his opinion. In the first article he talks about the existence of God being "self-evident." In the second article, he questions whether it can be demonstrated that God exists. In the third and final article to help support his stance, he talks about whether God exists at all. He supports his last article by giving five proofs that God really exists. The articles provide you with enough details and evidence about his belief in the existence of God.
             In his first article, Aquinas stated that the existence of God was "self-evident." He believes that there are two different ways to describe something being self-evident. The first of which being something or someone being self-evident in itself, though not to us; the other being self-evident in itself, and to us. An example that he gave was that of "Man is an animal, for animal is contained in the essence of man." If the essence of God was known to all, then the proposition of it will be self-evident to all. Aquinas strongly believed that the existence of God was self-evident because all the things on earth were created by God. This led to him to try and convince us that the existence of could also be through faith in us.
             In the second article, Aquinas starts to question whether or not it can be demonstrated that God exists. One of the objections to what he questioned is that it is an article of faith that God exists therefore His existence cannot be demonstrated. Faith cannot be demonstrated or proven because that requires scientific knowledge, whereas faith is of the unseen, as it is clear from the apostle.

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