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The Existence Of God

            The argument of God's existence has been going on from somewhere around early civilization. This argument has been raged between philosophers, scientists, and many others for centuries, but anyone making this argument clearly has little idea about what God really is. .
             One thing I have noticed is that every philosopher argues for or against the definition of God given by Catholics/Christians. That is, God is a supreme spiritual being who is the creator of the universe, yet is everywhere, and can see everything; he is all knowing and forgiving. Plato definition of God is a craftsman that governs the universe. Aristotle's version of God is not a personal being like we find in Christian tradition. His God performs no more acts of will or love than gravity. Aquinas's God has inapprehensible divine essence, which is identical to his existence, and he directs all natural things to their end. Descartes God is an infinite perfect being that causes all effects including ideas. Hume on the other hand argues, that the cause of the finite world is unlimited, and only needs to be as great as it's effect. Therefore, Hume does not believe there is enough evidence to conclude that there is a God. .
             Throughout my life I have always questioned Catholicism, and what others take on as blind faith in God. We all know that someday we will die (physically), but we deny what may or may not happen to us after death. It's far easier for humans to accept that we just die, or go to a safe place (heaven) than to question the existence of a superior being. Knowing all of this we still end up questioning the creation of humanity, the religious teachings provided by our parents, our church and our society. During this paper we will examine the many rational arguments for and against the existence of God. It is based on the views of some of the great philosophers of our world.
             COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENTS is that someone or something must have caused the universe to come into being, also referred to as the "first cause".

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