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Basil and Lord Henry in Dorian Gray

             Chapter 1 tells us everything we need to know about Basil, Lord Henry and even Dorian Gray. " To what extent do you agree with this statement?.
             Response .
             The extract starts with "artist should create beautiful things, but should no put nothing of his own life into them" by Basil." The quote gives strong feelings and passion of what a true artists principles are. We get the idea that Basil strictly feels that the beauty of art is what we see in the surface, and not the depths that people take, such as thinking it as a "form of autobiography ". However later Basil revels "I had put too much of myself into it " and he was scared people would find out about his feelings and things would become hectic as homosexuality wasn't accepted. So he came to the conclusion that "the world shall never see my portrait of Dorian Gray". This completely contradicts what he states in the beginning about art should have nothing to do with the artist's life. It shows how Basil was so influenced by Dorian that his strict artistic principles had changed and was overpowered by the passion he felt by Dorian. .
             Furthermore the fact that Basil was scared that people would find out about his feelings about Dorian through a painting shows him to be paranoid and concerned about his feelings regarding Dorian. To think that merely a portrait can clarify the feelings Basil felt is rather absurd, it's as if Basil feels that art has the voice to revel his longing to the audience. The preface states "to revel art and to conceal the artist is arts aim and this links to Basil situation as it seems that Basil feels he wasn't able to conceal himself, the artist in his art. However later in the book Basil contradicts what he believed about his art before as he says "art conceals the artist far more completely than it ever reveals him". Basil's opinion towards his art completely changes, as Basil starts to truly accept the feelings he has towards Dorian, and he realizes that those feelings surpass the ability to be shown by just a painting, and he appreciates his art as just art.

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