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Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult

            Feeling alone but having no one there to comfort you may be one of the worst feelings to experience. In Jodi Picoult's novel, Nineteen Minutes, Peter Houghton a 17 year old suffers from the society around him. People act as if they know Peter, especially his family but in reality they do not know how he feels under any circumstances. Peter's father taught him how to use a gun, a controversial question would be, is it really his father's fault? If his father had never taught him would he be able to handle such a shooting crime? Peter's pain resulted in having no true friends through part of his elementary school and his high school year. Peter seems to be pleased with his decision in preparing for a shooting at Sterling High School, however he had no one to be by his side; he was alone. Peter's loneliness lead him to the unexpected. .
             You may think you know someone, but discover an outrageous action they have done that changes your opinion forever. Peter Houghton, he is an average 17 year old boy. Unlike all other teenage boys, Peter grieves from bullying and the loss of his brother. People don't truly consider him anything, just a strange boy, until the shooting tragedy in Sterling High School occurs. Surprising enough a pale boy with freckles and wire-rimmed glasses, nerd-like, was the cause of this shooting, Peter Houghton. "Joey was the one to start the bullying I'm glad he's dead " (Picoult 186). Peter was very happy that his older brother had died, Joey was the perfect son that everyone had loved. The expectation was that Peter would live up to be exactly like his brother, but reality is he grew up to be the total opposite and sadly perfect Joey crashed into a drunk driver one night causing his death. Lacy Houghton, Peter's mother, did not expect her son to have done such a thing: "Lacy realized: You stared at the stranger in front of you and decided, categorically, that this was no longer your son.

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