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Thesis on the Russian Revolution

            In all forms of government, there is always the working class citizen that is improved by said government. Most do the lives of the working class, but some do not. Communism is one of these kinds of governments; it looks good on paper, but does not work out in the end. Communism did the complete opposite of helping the working class, but worsening life overall in their society, especially in Russia. The ideas of Communism first started with German Philosopher Karl Marx. With the help of Fredrick Engels, the two of them published The Communist Manifesto, which at the roots were anti-capitalism. In the Manifesto, the state would gain more power, and social class structures would be dismissed. According to Since the earliest beginnings of recorded history, societies have undergone fundamental change because different classes in society are in "constant opposition." These classes represent the "oppressor and oppressed", and the struggle between them eventually results either in "a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large (Marxist.net.).
             One man that followed the same ideas of Marx is Vladimir Lenin, key leader of the Bolshevik party in Russia around the early 1900s. The goal of the Bolshevik party was to overthrow the Provisional Government after Czar Nicholas II was dethroned and create a proletariat government. The death of over 11 million Russian Citizens caused by the Czar not pulling troops out of WWI due to them not being prepared set the stage for a revolution to spark. With the help of soldiers and peasants, the Bolsheviks, dressed in red, ended up creating a fighting force with the help of Lenin that stood up to the Provisional Government, dressed in white. Lenin was above all a master of the political bait-and-switch. "Peace, Land, and Bread" what he promised, but he only kept his promises when he found it convenient (econfaculty.gmu.edu). In the end, the Provisional Government had fallen to the Bolshevik regime.

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