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In Favor of GM Foods

            There are usually a lot of obstacles blocking in the way of revolutions as ordinary people are commonly so used to the established old world and rules that it takes a fairly long time for them to accept something new, even though the new things may be apparently conducive to them. Likewise, almost every advance in science and technology will inevitably meet opposition as well as applause, as is the case with GM food nowadays, which has been a controversial topic and attracting sustained attention in society from the date of its birth. With economic globalization gaining momentum, product quality and food safety have increasingly become a global issue, and GM foods have attracted attention worldwide. The conception of GM foods or organisms is complicated, and to put it simply, it refers to the organisms in which the DNA has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally. .
             GM technology is a momentous revolution for humankind, but those who doubt it claim that it is hazardous not only to people's health but also to the environment. Some extremists even exaggerate that GM foods have the malicious power of making humankind extinct, which sounds quite sensational, but far from being true. Indeed, making sensational charges is convenient, but won't expose the truth to people. Those doubts and worries, which can be seen as normal reactions of some people who in effect have unconsciously played the role of impediments in the progress of the humankind, are groundless and completely unnecessary. It is not our intention to suggest that GM food is totally peril-free, because common sense tells us that benefits always come hand in hand with risks, but just like we cannot give up eating for fear of choking, there is no way we should stop producing GM foods, whose benefits definitely outweigh its risks. .
             People opposing GM food mainly have two concerns, namely, risk to the environment and risk to human health.

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