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Christian Theology - Eternal Security

             There have been many debates and arguments over scripture throughout the course of history. Some of which have led to bloodshed, separation, and despair. One such argument comes to mind; eternal security. Eternal security has been an endless debate (recorded since Augustine) over one's salvation and the guarantee into God's kingdom. This debate has been a significant road block in many lives in regards to faith and in one's trust in God's grace. Before any side should be taken with confidence, the shared dogmas must be stated to keep a firm foundation. Also, both arguments' supporting points and objections must be laid out. Through these two points, any Christian can take a side with confidence, while still looking at a brother or sister on the other side with love. This is critical to any Christ centered body, as it is so beautifully said by Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:13, "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.┬áBut the greatest of these is love.".
             Dogmas, with Christ being the center, are the most foundational beliefs held by believers. Without them, there would be very little consistency throughout Christian churches, and unity would be next to impossible if any controversial topic was mentioned. Through the use of dogmas, debates and disagreements can proceed without the guaranteed separation, hate, and destruction that would remain. With the debate on eternal security several dogmas are anchored in hopes to avoid such negative outcomes. These dogmas are as followed; "God is the initiator of salvation and through his love we have been called, redeemed, and justified. His intention for believers is that they would continue to grow in grace until they are sanctified in all aspects of there being (p.184). With these structural pillars intact, one can proceed with confidence and surety, when faced with the debate over eternal security.
             Secure in the Power of God (The Eternal Security View).

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