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Creative Essay on Terraforming Mars

            With the grim fate of Earth in mind, our team has decided whom, what and how we will need to commence our first and final ecopoiesis mission to Mars. Our careful chosen crew of five men and women includes two Agro-technicians with majors and PhD's in botany, virology, bacteriology, mycology, agricultural cloning, and commercial agriculture. There is also an Atmospheric Chemist, who will be in charge, primarily, or the establishment of an Earth-like atmosphere within our biodome. Our Doctor, a surgeon, will work closely with the Psychologist to maintain the wellness of the crew, but they are also the designated leaders and the most skilled shuttle pilots. Our Meteorologist/Astronomer will help us utilize the 80-mile per hour winds on Mars, working closely with the Electrician/Pyrotechnics to harness energy from the environment. The Geologist will team up with our agriculture specialists to create an efficient growing medium, as well as harvest some of the minerals existent on Mars. Our Architect will be in charge of constructing the biodome, with help from the rest of the crew.
             The biodome will be constructed by landing nine of the space shuttles, nose to burner-end, in a nonagon at the predetermined landing area. The tenth, containing most of the building supplies, will land in the middle and serve as the construction and storage center. During the estimated week for building the dome, the following month of atmosphere creation, the crew will live on the nine intact shuttles and work outside wearing their space suits. The shuttles will interlock in the nonagon formation, forming an airtight ring. Each shuttles' payload bay is lines with a thick but flexible-until treated with a particular polypropylene chemical-layer of opaque Teflon. These liners will be removed and erected as the roof of the biodome. The Teflon is thick enough to protect the crew from harmful UV radiation, but opaque enough to supply adequate light for growing food.

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