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Reaching for the Star

             The science fictional Mars that explorers once dreamed of traveling to, has now become a reality. Mars is surrounded by theories, mysteries, and questions as scientists search for answers as to why the planet so closely resembles Earth. Through scientific studies and research, the trip to Mars will be readily available for the public. Mysteries and theories are subsistent to Mars, and as the world moves forward into a new century, Mars might become the next planet Earth.
             The variability of the Mars atmosphere in terms of temperatures, dust content, clouds, water vapor, and even total atmospheric pressure, is at the extreme. "On gaseous planets lightning has been detected by the Pioneer and Voyager spacecrafts", which is unlike the lightning on earth(Powers Online). The rate of meteors occurring is estimated to be comparable to that on earth because of comparable atmospheric densities. Its rough rocky landscape makes it difficult to navigate objects. Conditions on Mars must also be taken into consideration if scientist plan to reach her. Winds can reach several hundred miles per hour with dust storms lasting weeks and temperatures ranging from minus 220 Fahrenheit to 81 Fahrenheit.
             Casillas 2.
             The timeline shows missions that will be sent to study the martian soil and atmosphere. Physicist Mark Adler points to the year 2014, "There the timeline ends with a stunning climax: a human mission to Mars"(Raeburn Online). How can astronauts be launched to a planet that is unbelievably far? It would cost hundreds of billions to send an astronaut to Mars, but it is now believed to have fallen as low as 20 billion. If a mission is deployed, it would last two and a half years. The air and water will be recycled and the astronauts will utilize liquid oxygen and methane made on the surface to fuel their vehicle. The astronauts, while on the surface, would be working on scientific projects possibly including a "deep drilling project to search for life beneath the surface"(Raeburn online).

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