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Star Wars

             Hon Solo, a smuggler, cares only about two things: Himself and money. When he is being introduced, it seems Hon is in some sort of debt to someone they called Jabba the Hut, and is approached by a bounty hunter. He makes quick work of this bounty hunter but knows more are looking for him. In a hurry, and desperate for money, Hon makes a deal with Obe-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. He must escort them to a different planet but on their way to this planet they realize its missing. Then they discover what they think is a moon, but its turns out it's a dreaded enemy base called, "The Death Star." They know they are no match and try to turn back, but are sucked in. While on board they find out Princess Leia is on board. Hon, being himself, is only interested in money and want to stay put but Luke wants to rescue her. Luke reminds Hon about how much money she has, and that he would be greatly rewarded for his efforts. With this in mind Hon decides to go for it. When they discover the princess, they are being pursued by storm troopers. Princess Leia automatically declares herself the leader. It seems Hon doesn't like this but later on the ship Hon asks Luke, "What do you think about a girl like her and a guy like me?". Luke seems disgusted just by the idea. .
             Leia is a princess from the old republic and has been battling the Empire since day one. When a rebellion ship she is on goes under attack she is right in the action, though her attempt failed and she was forced prisoner on the Death Star. When Princess Leia is being rescued she doesn't seemed to impressed, especially when she finds out Hon and Luke do not have plan to get out. Hon was bugged by her taking over, but she didn't mind. On the way to the rebellion base Hon Solo and Princess Leia bond and this is were their relationship becomes more than friends, there is a physical attraction between the two. In the battle of good and evil this proves to be a major plus because as the movie continues Hon saves Luke and helps him destroy the Death Star because he feels bad he had just abandoned her and Luke.

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