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Star Wars as Life

            Like most people my age, I grew up with the Star Wars trilogy. The first time I went trick or treating I was Darth Vader and from then on my room became a Star Wars shine. My parents thought I was wasting my time and money on such an idle hobby. Little did they know that one of my dreams would come true. Star Wars has finally gained acceptance as a work of art more than twenty years after its original release. The museum exhibit, Star Wars: The Magic of Myth, was one of the most viewed exhibits ever at the Smithsonian Institution. I was fortunate enough to see the exhibit when it came to the San Diego Museum of Art. It compared Star Wars to classic mythology and especially the hero's journey. .
             In order to truly appreciate Star Wars as a work of art one must understand the symbolism and the meaning of its many remarkable sayings. The most meaningful one for me was "Do or do not, there is no try," which was said by Yoda the sagacious Jedi Master. I did not realize its true importance until I had an incident in basketball where Yoda's advice could have really helped me. I had just come back from a month long injury and the coach asked me if I was ready to play and I replied, "I"ll try." Then the coach screamed back "Try! That's not good enough! Sit down!" Suddenly I remembered Yoda's saying and realized that my coach needed someone who could perform, not just try. From then on I've carried the philosophy of if you"re going to do something, then you go all out and dedicate all your efforts to succeeding or you don't do it at all. There is no try!.

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