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Spaceballs And Star Wars: A Comparison

            What do people look for when deciding what kind of movie to watch? Do they look for funny movies or serious movies? These questions along with many others are what people answer in order to enjoy viewing a movie. Two movies in particular, Spaceballs and Star Wars, are the types people think about. These two movies deal with the same topic, but their views are somewhat different. For people who have seen both of these movies know what I am talking about. In comparing and contrasting Spaceballs and Star Wars, you will find that one is a spoof of the other and how they are surprisingly similar yet different.
             Clearly Spaceballs is the spoof and Star Wars is the serious plot. While contrasting these two movies, I found a numerous amount of stuff that are different. When reviewing the characters from both movies, I found some hysterical realizations. In Star Wars they have a character called Jabba the Hutt and in Spaceballs he is called Pizza the Hut. Princess Leia from Star Wars is Princess Vespa in Spaceballs. Chewbacca is all animal in Star Wars and in Spaceballs his name is Barf and he is half dog, half man. The evil Darth Vadar from Star Wars is a joke named Dark Helmet in Spaceballs. Yoda is a powerful Jedi in Star Wars and Yogurt is the all mighty in Spaceballs. Luke Skywalker is the handsome Jedi in Star Wars and Lonestar is the mixture between Luke and Han Solo in Spaceballs. C3P0 is the robot friend in Star Wars and the robot friend in Spaceballs is Dot Matrix dressed in a tutu. Moving on from character to scenes, the opening sequence of Star Wars is a chase scene of two ships that fly over top of the screen. It shows Princess Leias small ship being attacked by Darth Vadars very large ship. Spaceballs spoofs this scene by over exaggerating the size of Dark Helmets army by making the ship never ending. Darth Vadar shows his power by holding one of his soldiers off the ground by his neck and choking him to death.

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