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Investment Strategies

            "Technique on stock market transactions" is the phrase used to describe the behavior of investors experience using the current transaction matching to achieve target stocks bought shares at high prices or low prices. With investors 'non jobs', identifying the transaction technique is essential to avoid being "trapped". With management agencies, many trading techniques below can be considered as the living proof of price behavior has been going on in the stock market. Investment stock is very important because if everybody does not understand it, sometime loss money or bankruptcy.
             ┬áRetail Stocks floors create panic psychology: This is how the big investors often use when they want to buy shares at prices cheaper than the market price. Active investors will sell shares at the floor price impetuously account to create a panic mentality where small investors. Before selling phenomenon paintings, small investors infer that the issuer must have bad news to people selling new shares and sold flabby on the floor. As such, most investors will use account B or C (in his account system) cavalier acquisition of shares by the selling yourself and just put more purchasing shares of other investors sold cheap. When big investors that have purchased Shares to buy enough, they will stop "acting".
             Buy Stocks ceilings create excitement: When you want to sell shares at high prices, "country" is often used to guise A user account in order CP rushing ceiling, to create excitement for other investors. When you see a large amount of shares to be purchased ceiling, many people believe that the issuer must be good news, so people dare to buy such high order and also rushing the ceiling. Meanwhile, the "giants" will use account B gradually sell shares at low prices, with a larger number of sales orders in the amount of account A. For example, buy 30,000 shares in account A, sold 50,000 shares in account B, so that investors will sell 20,000 shares at good prices.

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