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Speech - Cultural Communication of the Vietnamese

            Hello everyone, it's very nice to be here. Today I'd like to present to you the cultural communication of Vietnamese people. My purpose in this speech is to help you get more interesting facts about our country which is a multicultural society.
             To begin with, I'm going to ask you a question, do you know what cultural communication is?.
             Cultural communication is a component of general culture in order to show our educational level. It can be a way to express our politeness, friendly attitude like open countenance or maybe the deeply-felt words and also the respect for someone. In short, it is a combination of many factors such as speech, gesture, behavior, attitude and so on. Considering the attitude of VP in the communication, we can clearly see that we have a strong passion for communication, but in fact we are also very timid. Why? Then I will answer this problem. First, as you know, Vietnamese people are dependent and we really appreciate the value of relationship. Because of this sense of community, this is why we attach much importance to talking and it is illustrated by two main features: .
             One is that VP like to pay a visit to somebody. We can meet each other whatever and whenever we want in our spare time although we already met every day! Second, just because we have the hospitality, although we are rich or poor, we always try to serve our guests with the best food or home comforts with all our heart. .
             Belong with this type of cultural communication, VP frequently have habit of researching, observing and even evaluating of someone else. To understand more about someone, we are very curious. We would like to know about their name, age, qualifications, marital status, many things! But thanks to having this habit, it will help us to choose the suitable words to communicate because we all know that we have a plentiful addressing system like uncle, aunt something like that. That's a little bit complicated and sometimes I feel confused, too.

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